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Holiday Fantasy Lighting - Why LED's?

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LED's (Light Emitting Diode's) are the lights of the future. They are long lasting, low energy use. LED lights won't burn out or break for up to twenty years!
Holiday Light and Magic Decorating
The light strings look similar to conventional miniature lights. But, the similarities stop there. LED lights are rated for up to 200,000 hours of use - or almost 23 years.

Electricity Savings
LED lights achieve high brightness with only a small fraction of energy. Instead of consuming about 50 Watts per string of 100 (conventional mini-lights), LED lights use only a few Watts of power. The 80% to 90% savings in electricity quickly adds up, As the following chart shows, each string can save $$ per month.

Overall Savings
LED lights may initially cost slightly more than conventional lights; but, they more than pay for themselves within a single season. With typical seasonal usage and assuming that conventional lights are replaced every 2 to 3 years, the following dollar savings chart resuits:

For example: with 5 light strings and the national average rate for electricity conservatively set at 8¢, LED lights save $150 in five seasons.